Ahad, the Iraqi apostate

10/05/2016 – First email

Hi Islamicamentando, my name is Ahad al-ameen, iraqi, recently moved to sweden with the wave of refugees to settle eventually in north sweden. as a person from totally stricted muslim family and society i witnessed the devastator effect of islam on humans psychically and mentally. also wittnesesd the whole refugge “sufferings”.

the doctraining started in my early years, through schools, they theached us that we are the just ones, and that we muslims are the kindest and honest and most righteous people.that we shouldnt shake the hands of christains, and the jews are devils.everybody loves hitler of what he did to them. and the dream is to invade the world and that islam will previail above all.
it was really hard to relize the absurdity of this religion. since everybody is against and you cant ask any question about it. you dont have the right question what is right or wrong in it, you get beaten if you are a kid. and killed if you are a grown up person.
my country is eradicated by the islamic party who was in power and have the weapons. they killed every celcular, athiest, irrelgious, any person who stands in thier was,criticze them or islam or any imam. if they find him he will be dead no questions asked.
ive wittnesed more than 40 kills in my life men woman and even children for the name of allah.

backstabbers and manipulative people they are. imam were pedophiles.
everyone is just liars to get you belive in thier great religion.

i thought im gonna see a new life here in eorupe, it shocked me that a sweden citizen cant criticize islam without being labled as a islamophobia.

they lie and mock the swedish people and abuse thier kindness and did every bad thing you can imagine from stealling, trashing and harassments and they cant do things for them beacuse “they are escaping war and suffering”.

even i here at the camp affraid from the nomads that they found thier way to eorupe. not to mention the killers, burglars, militants and people with no respect or appreciation for what they are getting here.

13/05/2016 – Second email.

what happened 2 days ago is that we had five persons somehow realtives to eachother behaving like a gang. they basically stole everything in the camp from clothes to anything some families couldnt get anything from the clothes, some people wont let thier wives go out because of them.
we had a guy here from mousl “north iraq” who was kidnapped by ISIS and beaten to death. so he have a huge hate and contempt to anything related ti ISIS. theses guys heared him talking bad about ISIS and the wave of hate started, they started to insult him and harras him “since he was alone so he is powerless against them” till 2 days ago they barged to his room and beat him up and threathend to kill him if he calls police or the migration. after i saw the whole thing i called the police and told them everything but they didnt do anything for them.they figured that am the one who called the police they threatend to kill me and burn the whole camp. the migration came the next day and just moved them to another place. that is the “punishment” they got for beating a man and threatining to kill 4 persons.
the interesting thing is they truly support ISIS and everytime they hear about casualties in the iraqi army they feel so happy about it and hoping that all of the country will be conquered by ISIS.
this is what eroupe have with assylum seekers. terrorists just waiting to be empowered.