The Quranic royalties Umar was denied

Not all the “REVELATIONS” we find in the Quran came from Mohammed’s mind.

In this hadith we find out that Umar ibn Khattab gave his boss Mohammed significant INSTRUCTIONS on three different occasions.

1) Umar asks Mohammed to have the stone which Abraham allegedly started building the Kaaba (???) from, “REVEALED” as a place of worship (Quran 2:125).
2) Umar recommends that Mohammed should  force the veil on the Muslim women through a “revelation” (Quran 24:31 and 33:59).
3) When Mohammed’s wives united against him because of his  “quickie” with a slave named Miriam, Umar addresses them by pointing out that Mohammed could divorce them and get a “REVELATION” that would grant him better wives as replacements. As usual, the “divine verse” comes down (Quran 66:5) with great accuracy, since it has  the same warning Umar gave the rebellious wives therein.

It’s amazing to see how Umar brags about it, as well as how the Islamic sources themselves claim the entire ideological system of Islam to be the product of some sick-mindedly-driven human minds.

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